The beautiful, melodious voice,... 
by Nexhmije Hasani, writer  
“It happens that at a certain moment the people may get bored from politics, social crises, poverty..., but they never get bored singing our beautiful folk songs. The girl touches her love, weaves the dream, in the presence of the Moon and, in a spontaneous way, she enriches the architecture of the factor poetry. The eyebrow like a lace, the Eye like a coffee cup, the Lip like a box, a description summarised in the creative art, in which the shining of the eye is intertwined with the body caressing.
"Basil scent,/ your cheeks smell/Oh you partridge of the mountain,/you made the boy fall in love”.
The human being burns in his love, within this natural miracle, bestowed by the maiden beauty. (Basil scent). How beautifully and easily the muse is found. In the breeze of the fields the water drop is being crystallized in the harmonization of natural symphony. There where the stars discuss with the soul, the poetry is created and the song is born: I left and went to fill water/ I forgot the vessel/. I left to go for firewood, I forgot the rope./ Let me give you the rope,/ and you give me your lip for once. To my lip may you be a sacrifice,/I preserve it for the boy I have. Based on the Albanian folk, creativity in experiencing, passion and honour of the oath. These verses have the scent of love.
Oh you bride, you fast and agile girl,/ pick up the brook and clean the house./ throw the flour into the bowl,/ and begin to prepare the pie,/ You beautiful orphan girl. A mirroring of the traditions of the southern regions. The soul finds escape through the verse. Conceptualized as a figuration the adornment of the girls from the south is attached to the Heavenly Deities. Love, welcoming, tradition, a passionate virtue and value of the Albanian girls. It is always found in the orphan girl, as a symbol of compassion and delicacy. The beautiful and rather melodious voice of the nightingale of the south, Vaskë Çuri, makes the flow of these songs with traditional basis very much sounding.
From my love for you,/ at the window I came,/ at the window I came,/ the coffee cup,/ escaped from my hand.
In your garden 40 apple trees,/ the girl began to wave to me,/ The people will see us and who knows what they may say.  One of the characteristics of these songs is the capability to utter the fable. They seem as love narration, but they have protagonists and metaphor. The values of this harmonic image are being acted between two characters and the people observe, just like in the comedy “A bridegroom 14 years old”. What similarity n the golden folk fund we compare the female with the flowers, the doe, the partridge, the skylark which sings of love. This is clearly expressed by Vaska with the sweet Përmeti verse, with brilliant metaphors and comparisons.
We wish to the singer, Vaskë Çuri, a long journey in the path of the art and the song!”