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Existence deepening in knowledge and the counteracting logic, an analytical point of view Speech for the book of the author Naxhije Doēi “SERBIA


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Posted prej 11th February 2017, 20:20

Honored participants in this analytics! Our participation in this analytic activity is motivated.
Existence needs an undisputable suite, for the dramatic vicissitudes, or for that which is called Horror, which, in its innumerous acts, has the human drama and sublimity for the degradation of the Horror. This Horror takes place in the closing point of a Millenium. And where? Precisely in the heart of Europe…
1. Deepening in knowledge and the counteracting logic
Before the eyes of the emancipated world takes place the human “subject” massacring, violation, elimination, the macabre medieval guillotine; trials of the elimination of executionery, sadistic, Nazi type… This strike sharpened and fabricated by bonkers brains, trained in “psychopathic” terrains, is instigated against a people whose symbol is the eagle, a people separated from the mother body unjustly and in a shamelessness way, for appetite favors of elimination. In front of an extreme militarism, in front of a freedom of action, without any stopping to the character – the unprotected Kosovo, is deprived of the right of living in their mother land, in their own lands… in the terrestrial space grew up the creatures, eposes, dragons, double-headed braveries with their eyes turned in the direction of their mother land. Attempts after attempts and the crow turned to the starting point, in order to plot eating plans and to find the suitable time to incursion in the beautiful relief. The phalanges of the black spiders which sprayed their itinerary and the arenas with deadly Cubrulovichian and Miloshevichian poison, lethal poison of cleansing for the ancient autochthonous inhabitants from the exhausted identities since their birth in ice caves. But NATO and Clinton appear and it stops… A protagonist in this battle: Among others the brave Albanian female of Kosovo, who made epoch with her bravery and taking the great responsibility for not, losing the Man, the Land…She gave value to the Man, She gave value to the Land… An object of violence, torture, massacring, extreme monstrosity, macabre rape, a chain of torturing links and she, the female, showed her great spirit for the confrontation of this complex situation, using her resistance and intelligence… This masquerade is brought in complex in the work of the publicist Naxhije Doēi, now in universal English language, through Albanian “Pegasi”, two talented translators: Dritan Kardhashi and Alexandra Shabani, who, in order to accomplish this initiative, which will shed light in the Horror against the Albanian female of Kosovo; will open new horizons to act and to use the politic, moral, ethic logic in this stressful psychologism created by the initiators of massacre and rape, the translators have entered into this world, producer of extreme pain in details, have unfolded this historic wound also before those who have eyes to see, but in such cases, play the role of the blind… This theatre of inhuman actions takes place in scenes of the territory of Kosovo, in three hot years 1997,1998,1999, which will be remembered for the climax of a slaughter, where the mechanized machine with powerful military arsenal of Milosevic wreaked the most extreme passion against an unprotected population, by transforming the condition into a real calvary.
2. A book resembling the character of the novel as far as concerning the shape and method of reference
The author, in this journalistic – literary – documentary book with great historical value, (resembles with a novel shape), through a written “movie”, a narration of ocular witnesses, through the thrilling passages, actions “anti” and “shadow”, with masking methods, hurrying to eliminate the traces of the massacre, or the elimination of the protagonists by the murders, rapists, violators is convincing, because in the book are reflected all the forms of events, massacres, eliminations. The pieces breathe with real testimonies the whole work… The narrations themselves anathemize and apeal… The self is consulted with the self and it comes to a logic conclusion; it is a work which has demanded a great dedication to gather this great amount of information which is so impressive, so documentary, so historical and so asphyxiating for the opponent, who, in modern times, applies the “subject” crime; the medieval guillotine, torture, barbarian murder, freezing machines, freezing, the syringe for the suction of blood, a parabolic death, cutting of body organs, raping etcetera and, as always, the objective: The elimination of the new generation in a fast way, without thinking it twice…, defeating the bearer of creatures and her humiliation. Nothing is left in attempt, but it takes place realistically with unrestraint of negative energies… This is the professional ability and the gathering of real testimonies. Therefore, the fact grips you and surrenderin to it is unavoidable…
3. The book of Naxhije Doēi is a fortune, an historical treasure
In the historical context this book is with many values of the historic reality, a typical exterminatory testimony for the most malicious “characters” of the Serbian manipulative military state, the greatest of the murderers in the end of this millennium. The book is a fortune, a historical treasure, which should be kept in the fund of the typical historical book and be analyzed and commented…
4. The book has strong authentic values also in moral sphere
Being a book with this substrate, it delivers to the readers of all categories comprehensive messages, which follow the parabolic, paraphrasing phrase of the ex-President of the United States, Bill Clinton, that We brought peace, it is your duty to protect it! Thus, it is a book, where there are many massages for recalling and for acting in the future… Therefore the main historical appeal of the message is clear: “Such a macabre event, which cost heavily on the back of Kosovo people, should never be repeated: great losses in human aspect, in moral aspect, in material aspect. A strong appeal for the leaders of Kosovo, who should be very mature in their politic and diplomatic actions …
5. This book contains universal values
The translation in English language gives the book universal value, as it increases the number of the readers, meanwhile we shall enable through our web pages to promote it, for those who want to have it as their reading property, to enable the contact. Furthermore the International Association of Poets, Writers and Artists “Pegasi” Albania, having potential members in 81 countries of the world will create another opportunity for the acknowledgment of Kosovo as an independent state. That which is created today by this form of acknowledgment has an extraordinary speed…
This book, of this character, increases the popularity of the author Naxhije Doēi, this iron woman, a representative of the modern emancipated female, in the international arena with international literary organisms. The presidency of LNPSHA”PEGASI” ALBANIA, this moderate and tried association, in which participate potent artists and authors, wishes the publicist: “A long and happy life, abundant creativity and contribution of international standards, like in this case. Naturally, pride is in mutual …Thank you to this intelligent and welcoming auditorium!…
Tirana February 9th, 2014

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