Kristaq F. Shabani IWA, WPS, XASTERON, UBE, ACLAC…, POET, WRITER, RESEARCHER, POPULAR AESTHETE, not only in Albania, but also other countries. He had appeared before the reader with special books, in all the genders, starting from poetry volumes, volumes with sketches and stories, stories, novels, journalism, hajk etc.
a. Poetry volumes: “Pulse of Sorrow”, A Seat on Heavens” (Albanian, Greek, English, Filipino); “The Yellow strips” small poem, (Albanian, Greek, English,) Oasis” (Greek, Albanian); “The swarthy Girl with a Chignon, “, poem, “, “Broken Virtue” (English, Greek, Italian, Albanian), “the two Possessives”  “Elegy of the Angel” (English, Greek, Albanian) “Autumn Joy” (English, Albanian); “The paintbrush of lava paints”, “CRYSANTHEME, Yellow-white Michaelmas daisy” 1, hajk paradox and epigram etcetera.
b. Volumes with sketches and short Stories: “Asphyxia of the destroyers”, “The Freed Prophet” etcetera.
Journalism: “Intellect 2001…” 1, 2; “Jetari” “Pearls, shooty profile-Zagoria” , “Itinerary of Magic” with coauthor “Jorgo Buka” “Impressions, Memories, Articles” with coauthor, “Çajupian Height” (studies, poems, journalism, with other coauthors.
c. Novels: “Subject of Fatal” “The three-human entity and the Nine”, “The Great Gambol of Death”, “Weeping Century”, “Chronicle of the Small Town” , “Magic of Light”. He has prepared for publication seven other novels, among which the neo novels: “Mental Planet”, and “Nymph of the Planet”; on process of publication the neo novel “The Villas of Formations” (The Naked Globe drama in a piece of paper)
d. Anthology of Poetry: “Lied Virtue” is a self anthology which contains in its structure  the following works: “Wind of Elimination” (analytics), “Asphyxia of the destroyers”, sketches and short stories, “There where swallows pay homage”, historic sketch, “The Lie Wearing a Ring”, criticism, “Broken Virtue”, volume of poetry, “Mortuary epigram and Dream Depravity”, volume of poetry, “Autumn Joy” “Meadow of the Bride”, semi-novel, “Horoscope According to Zodiac Signs of the Stars of New Knowledge”, essays, “Reflection in Waterfall” anthology of poetry for children: “Sarushja” Novel
“YELLOW WORM-SCORPION” (comical with one act) as well as two short poems about children. He is the author and the mastermind of the anthology of poetry “OPEN LANE” 1 (Albanian) and author of “OPEN LANE” 2 (in 13 languages), of the Universal Anthology of Poetry “OPEN LANE” 3 in twenty language, with the participation of poets and poetesses from 100 states, Universal Anthology of Poetry “OPEN LANE” as well as the book “PEGASIADA” 1, 2; of the Anthology of Poetry “ALTAR OF PEGASI”
He has prepared for publication two books with contemporary critic thinking: “UNIVERSAL PROSE-POETRY” as well as “CRITIC THINKING SHOW” (English, Albanian).
He has participated in many poetry anthologies publicized in some countries such as Mongolia, India, Greece, Italy, England etcetera as well as in many international organizations in the field of literature. Furthermore, many personalities from the literary world have written about his literary activity, in many countries.  
He has been awarded by ABI and IBC many titles as well as he is a winner of many international prices. In the year 2011 he was declared by ABI (USA) “Man of the Year 2011”. In the year 2017 he has been proposed A POTENTIAL CANDIDATE FOR “NOBLE” PRICE FOR PEACE FOR THE YEAR 2017 BY IWA (OHIO) USA. He has prepared for publication 42 other works in different genres, including the field of critic study and thinking.
He is the founder and the President of IAWPA “PEGASI” ALBANIA, a moderator association with members from 120 countries of the World. He is the main impulse of the creation of IAWPA “PEGASI” KOSOVO, the main organizer of many Pegasian activities in Kosovo, Macedonia. He has written many articles and he has given many interviews in written media in Albania and abroad. He is the publisher of many periodical magazines, as well as the newspaper, literary magazine “Pegasi”, as well as the magazine “PEGASI, BEAUTY AND HEALTH IN FOCUS”. A reviewer of hundred of books and a translator of many poetry books; mastermind and implementer of many literary movements.    
He has prepared and conducted seven International Symposiums with special object for Literature and Art as well as has led the First International Congress of IAWPA “PEFGASI”ALBANIA and “PEGASI” KOSOVO.
He has organized and conducted four scientific Conferences, in international scale with object: “UNIVERSAL LITERATURE, ART, CULTURE AND PEACE “in Albania, Kosovo, Fyrom, Montenegro.
The neo novel “The Villas of Formations” (The Naked Globe in a piece of paper) is the fifth neo novel written by the author, who is presented before the appraiser and it takes a place in the volume of twelve novels entitled “Kristaniadë-novel”. The challenges in this gender are multiple, aiming at finding, changing and substantial stepping in moderated creative architecture. This neo novel looks at the world with the viewpoint “above the eye” and “below the eye”, employing the thinking “scalpel” and moving through a giant scheme of formations with overloads of thoughts and actions, in a process of natural and metaphoric nakedness.
The neo novel- drama “The Great Gambol of Death” has been   described by the contemporary critics as one of the most representative novels of   Albanian and contemporary Literature, which for the theme and the subject it treats, it gives a grand contribution in Universal Peace. The writer for his rich writing heritage is being welcomed in the greatest writers of the century…
He is in the process of preparation of the neo novel “Metaphor of gods”, “The Tongue hanging on the Hook”, the poetry volumes: “Flying with angels’ wings” (Albanian, English), with content for the universal Peace, “Like a Beautiful Sol”, “Eye Guillotine”; “Parabolic” (a book with parables).