Scientific, literary, artistic and cultural activities of the Candidate for "NOBEL" PRIZE FOR PEACE OF the year 2017 of IWA, the writer, the poet, the aesthete, the scholar and the publisher KRISTAQ F. SHABANI IWA.
The Conference with object: "Literature, Art, Culture and Universal Peace" in Shkodra on April 8th, Durres April 24th, Vlora Albania on May 24th; Pristina (Kosovo) on June 9th; "Literature, Art, Culture, Universal Peace and Human Humanism," a conference held in Tirana, Albania on May 10th and these literary scientific activities will continue in Struga and Skopje (Macedonia) in August with the subject: "Literature, Art, Culture, Universal Peace and Creative work". These activities will follow the symposium activities organized for Folklore in Përmet, Art of Magic of Acting, of Light, of the Song held in Saranda etc as well as the activity in Ioannina July 2017 with the subject: "Literature, Art, Culture, Universal Peace and Universal book" etc.
During September, October and November 2017 there will be many activities for Universal Peace under the guidance of the Candidate for NOBEL Prize, not only in Albania, but also in Kosovo, Macedonia, Montenegro, Italy, Greece and other countries with the subject: "Literature, Art , Culture, Universal Peace and Universal Exchange of Values ".
The preparation of the Universal Anthology "OPEN LANE" 4, the universal books "Pegasiada" 2, "Creative Angels Diary", 1, a periodical consisting of 31 works, is intensified.
Likewise, importance was given to the publishing works of the writer, which are numerous and they are being published in many foreign languages.
Also at the NOBEL Institute in Norway there are many works of the writer as well as in many prestigious Libraries in the US, Europe, Asia etc. Numerous meetings with this subject, Universal Peace, have taken place in the form of lectures and debates in several high schools in Albania such as: Shkodra, Tirana, Durrës, Tepelenë, Gjirokastra and some universities of Albania as well as at the University " ILIRIA "in Prshtina, where were presented the works of the writer in the presence of the academic staff and students of this university;
This activity was initiated by Dr. Hekuran Rapaj, scholar, poet, publicist, led by the President of the University Prof. Dr. Mexhit Preçi. The event will be held in other places where the LNPSHA "PEGASI" ALBANIA is stretched.
In all the activities IWA has been presented as a multi-dimensional body in the world today as well as the contribution of its President Teresinka Pereira.
"Literature, Art, Culture, Universal Peace and Human Humanism."
In the activity of Vlora were present many poets, poetesses, writers, women writers, scholars, artists and women artists, intellectual artists, mathematicians, women mathematicians, student and other artist students, and even the parents of the performers. The direction of this programmed event in detail was performed in a very interesting way. In this event was held a speech with a nice introductory word from the poet Albert Habazaj, Chairman of the Association Of the Writers and Artists "Petro Marko" Vlorë: "The book as a Promoter and messenger of the Universal Peace". The speech: "The showing up of Pegasian Activities" on behalf of LNPSHA "PEGASI" ALBANIA was held by the writer Nexhmije Hasani and was passed on Reference keeping: "Literature, Art, Culture, Universal Peace and Human Humanism" referred by President of LNPSHA "Pegasi" Albania the poet, the writer, the scholar and aesthete Kristaq F. Shabani IWA, candidate for the Nobel Prize for Peace for the year 2017 of IWA (OHIO, USA). It was then an expose of the books of Pegasi authors and Vlora authors. The participants were introduced to the essay:
"The Peace and Freedom Civilization" by Prend Buzhala, a scholar, writer in Kosovo,
"Pedagogy of Peace" by Enrieta Sina, writer, poet, publicist, Deputy Chairman of LNPSHA "PEGASI" ALBANIA,
"Political Tolerance in the Function of Peace" Dr. Hekuran Rapaj, Researcher in the field of History, Security and International Relations, lecturer at "ILIRIA" University Prishtina, President of LNPSHA "PEGASI" ALBANIA,
Rezarta Pode, sociologist, poet with the speech: "Politics, Philosophy and Sociology in the function of peace ",
" Peace is an open window, which allows the sunshine to enter, with love of faith ", essay prepared by Nexhmije Hasani and the essays: "The Glass" of Prof. Dr.Vlera Ejupi, Skopje, and the essays prepared by Elda Dilo writer, mathematician Vlorë: "We humans have to put within us the harmonious thought, the harmonious coexistence and the love in order to live in peace" essay, Odise Plaku, poet, writer fromTirana:"To win aesthetic education again".
The speech: "The magic of translation and some features evidenced in today's translation" was delivered by the writer, translator and journalist Laureta Petoshati. Analytic Presentations: "Written Activity of Kristaq F. Shabani (Speeches by Prof. Dr. Resmije Kryeziu, appreciation for the Writer by Prof. Dr. Begzad Baliu, Teresinka Pereira, President of IWA USA, Dr. Bexhet Asani, Researcher, Poet, Writer ).
* Analytical presentation of poet's work by the writer Albert Habazaj: "A detailed analysis of the study character was presented to the audience by the Vlonjat writer, Eqerem Canaj. Also for the writing contribution of Mr. Eqerem Canaj was delivered the speech "Literary Diamond, as a homage for the rebel Liberty Knight, Petro Marko".
*The analytical presentation of the writings of the writer Nexhmije Hasani was made by Dr. Bashkim Abazi: "The philosophical understanding of the writings of the writer Hasani" (read by Nurije Baduni, Tirana, who also performed parts from the story "The Curved Line", the speech "Saga of a Broken Dream" by Dr. Bexhet Asani, was read by the Vlonjat poetess Alma Feruni, and two poems of the poet were presented to the auditorium. It continued with the speeches: "The Role of intellectual thought and action of the woman as a protagonist in the Universal Peace" Prof. Dr. Rexhep Doçi, Naxhije Doçi, Ethel David Philippine, scholar "The peace" essay, Zekirija Idrizi, writer, Skopje essay: "MY LORD, YOUR NAME IS PEACE" * The speech "When the Rosy Gates Open" by Kristaq F. Shabani for the book by Teresinka Pereira: "Angels against Hate" ... and the speech of the poet and writer Petro Dudi with this object.
The presentation of the work of Elda Dilo was performed by a group of artist pupils from the school "Naim Frasheri" Vlorë who presented the relationship between mathematics, art, music and painting. * A successful presentation of the works of talented mathematician Ksenophon Bita was performed. .., which also showed his productive experience.
* Beautiful presentation was organized for the 82 year old sculptor Skënder Tena. A special speech prepared for his painting activity was delivered by the author Xhiliola Lamaj. At a special place of the room were placed photograph exhibits of his sculptures, and the story of the sculptor himself was beautiful: Importance was given to the presentation of the works:
"Open Lane" 3; The book "Angels against Hate" (a book translated into Albanian by the translator and poet Majlinda Shabani (Aleksandra), "We Are All the Angels ..." by author Vera Cato, "The Magic of Light" by Kristaq F. Shabani and Anastas Nika; Quoted: "Literary diamond as a tribute to the rebel Liberty Knight" (Petro Marko) by the author Eqerem Canaj. It was discussed about the poet Xhemil Lato. * For the presentation of the authors was used the artistic word, definitions as well as illustrations, and even some poetesses and poets such as Alma Feruni, Laureta Petoshati, Astrit Ajdini recited lyric poetry.
* The auditor expressed his thoughts about this great literary activity and the object of this great activity for Universal Peace. During the ceremony, several High Pegasi titles, accorded by ALTERNATIVE PEGASIAN ACADEMY:
"The Creative lyric Poet of the year 2016" to the poet Albert Habazaj and "Translator of the year 2016" to the translator and writer Laureta Petoshati. At the end of the activity a consultative conversation took place. The event was attended actively by the participants and was of a high level. TV "VLORA" 6 broadcasted a rich chronicle of the activity which took place. The conference was greeted with specially prepared materials by the President of IWA (OHIO) USA TERESINKA PEREIRA, MICHAEL ROTHENBERG, CALIFORNIA, ONE OF THE LEADERS OF THE MANIFESTIMENT "100,000 WORLD POETS FOR A CHANGE", PANAJOTA ZALLONI, GREECE, KULDEEP SRIVASTAVA, POET INDI, ALEKSANDRE SANTOS PRESIDENT OF UBE BRASIL, LUAN KALANA USA, ETC. Also creations of poets from Albania and from the World for Universal Peace were recited.